About KIK

KIK is a happy family founded by a loving parent. In 2011, a white-collar mother quitted her job on Wall Street and came back to China pursuing her own dream with her first born baby. As a first time mother, she was also looking for an ideal kindergarten for her own son. She hoped that the kid’s childhood would be happy, simple and natural. Children could be well-respected in the kindergarten and become a sounded person in body and mind the environment submerged by love. Exposed to the diverse environment of eastern and western culture, she was eager to provide a broader and more open-minded educational platform to children where they can learn to be a proud Chinese who is full of responsibility with dreams in such an atmosphere. From a mother’s perspective, however, she surprisingly found that many domestic kindergartens, which looked much nicer than those from overseas, seldom focused on children’s interests and needs. She noticed that there are a lot of safety  and food quality issues that concerned by so many parents but no solutions. However, she had her own perspectives about preschool education since she was born in a family with strong educational belief. She insisted that education is a process that growing up together with kids. In the environment where the society was filled with utilitarian, education should not be a part of it. Education is not to satisfy parents’ mind of rivalry or to pursue quantity production of knowledge and skills. She really hoped that her child could have a natural, independent, and free environment of growth. Therefore, she determined to found a kindergarten and treat it as the continuity of children’s family life, from which KIK was born.

KIK unites a mother’s dream and enthusiasm. Her passion and perseverance influences a lot of people, and also attracts many parents who have the same idea. For example, another mother gave up her high-paid job in England and joined to KIK; an entrepreneur mother suspended her prosperous private business and joined the construction team of this new kindergarten; an American father with diverse cultural backgrounds, and a group of professional, experienced and passionate preschool educators also joined this big family. Due to their participation, the mother’s dream turned to be a mission that many parents work together for their children.

Gradually, Kinderworld grew from 4 children to 200 and there is a song composed by all Kinderworld's family memebers during this process due to parents’ support and recognition. Kinderworld members believe that this mission includes a lot of responsibilities. However, these aspects encourage all Kinderworld memebers to move forward and enjoy every moment we spend with our children.


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